Harassment In Entertainment

As I can’t get out, one of the ways that I keep in touch with people is through video games and watching people streaming these games. Interacting with other gamers is great, as we have something in common and there is already a medium to talk about without having any of the ice to break with “oh what do you like”.

It is a great way of meeting new people and in some cases, making new friends. If you stick around long enough, people start trusting you and give you some responsibilities to help out on their channel. Their channel being the place they stream their videos game from whether it is Twitch, Mixer, YouTube or any other way of broadcasting live to anyone watching.

I have met several new people through this, and some I will constantly go back to and support them as I enjoy their content. There are both male and female gamers who stream, but in my eyes, gender doesn’t come into it. There is no difference as to whether a streamer is a 17-year-old boy or a 75-year-old woman. Interacting with them should never be any different. Both are treated with respect and politeness.

I know there are some people who don’t treat people in that way, and I have seen more and more, people who are disrespectful to the streamer. They swear at the streamer, make comments on their age, gaming ability, and speech.

And then there is the sexual harassment of female streamers. I saw it myself where a viewer said what he wanted to do to a female streamer. I have heard that some things have been said and seen the messages, but to witness it in the stream was horrifying.

Nobody, no matter what industry they are in, deserves to be treated like an object, cattle or verbal punching bag. It is unacceptable and should be dealt with in more ways than just to have their account suspended. These people should be dealt with by the police. If these things were said face to face, then the police would be involved immediately. I think streaming company should release the IP address to the local police and have them deal with it. After all, these things are exactly the same as face to face.

On the other side of the coin, I have heard – and I don’t know the truth in it, but the streamer was suspended – that some streamers are offensive as well. The fact that the main company was willing to immediately suspend the broadcasts means they may have had some sort of evidence.

Just because someone is in entertainment, does not give people the right be offensive to them, and it doesn’t give them the right to be offensive to viewers.

It is sickening when people are treated like dirt, like cattle, like sex objects, like pieces of meat. It needs to stop NOW.


27 thoughts on “Harassment In Entertainment

  1. Wow this sounds like cyber bullying that’s not good at all.
    On the other hand I love that you have found a group of people that share your same interests that’s always a nice feeling. I wanted to come say hi since you are always so sweet to visit me. Have a wonderful day A. Hugs to you 💕💕💕

  2. The internet is a haven for the anonymous to have their childish say. Some streamers are terrible as well but at least they have that accountability. We still have some ways to go to beat the trolls and silence them properly, sadly.

    • I was asked recently to help clear a streamer’s name because he had been wrongly banned. So I dug into it, and apparently he had been racist to more than a few viewers. People like him don’t deserve the time and space they were given. Needless to say, I did not help to clear his name.

      • Good man, in any walk of life you really need to keep thise opinions to yourself, should be of that mindset but being in the public eye, its even more important to appreciate the people who put you there and give views and likes and such.

  3. I have finally rebookmarked you on my new laptop. I seem to use my other computer less. But then now that it is winter – it is colder in that room – and I had also been doing some traveling.

    Prejudice in any form is not a good thing. I do not know much about streaming or game play. I do know that I try to be polite and respect everyone. It is one thing to say we have freedom of speech and yet allow people to be intolerably rude.

    Stay warm this winter and I hope you will be able to continue and build friendships with respectable folks. Cheers, Jules

    • For some reason I had no notification of this message. Although I don’t come to my blog as often as I should, I still should get the emails about comments but didn’t get yours.

      I agree, some people are so rude and don’t understand why it annoys some people and why they take offence to it.

  4. Wow first I love that you wrote about what you are up to and second I had no idea things like this go on. I’m happy you are finding ways to reach out and share your wisdom. I have always thought you are wise. Have a great day A. 🤗💕

    • No, not wise M. I got the advice from someone else. A streamer I visited.

      Last night, I went to see another streamer, an African one, and the racism he was subjected to was frightening. He took it in his stride though which is unfortunate because he shouldn’t have to. People shouldn’t be hardened to that kind of treatment because it shouldn’t happen, and I am upset that it does.

      One of my friends – who often uses language that curls my ears, has started streaming and someone made a similar sexist remark, and her response was something along the lines of “I’ve had bigger trolls like you do things like that and more to me, and I have left their discarded quivering husks laying at the side of the road crying for their mummy”. Which made me laugh so much.

  5. Alejandro is to the point. Somebody somewhere we get offended by something. Gamers slagging off their opponents’ abilities is a bit like sledging in cricket. Is that harassment or gamesmanship? Sexual harassment, now that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

    • Telling someone they are cheating because they are good is to be expected and is laughable. On my own channel, I say that I am bad at games – because I know I am bad at games. People have messaged me and told me so which just makes me laugh. I usually respond with “tell me something I don’t know”.

      • It seems now many people have more virtual friends than real friends. In the “Old Days” (c. pre-1995) people often called anonymous phone lines to engage in various kinds of discussions with others with similar interests. Then came caller ID, and the anonymity was gone. Now people go online to try to remain anonymous, but I’m certain technology will advance to eliminate that, too.

        It’s kind of sad, though; obscene phone calls have gone the way of 8-track tape players. I didn’t like phone sex anyway. I could never figure out where to put the damn receiver.

  6. As reprehensible as some words and actions are, people will pretty much say whatever they want, no matter who’s offended. Often offensive speech and actions are purely subjective. If you threaten someone, that’s not just offensive, but violent and not part of the free speech concept. If you call someone fat because they’re heavier or larger than you, then it’s just a matter of personal opinion and therefore, may be offensive to that particular individual and others.

    Here in the U.S., the Supreme Court ruled a few years ago that protests over abortion, homosexuality and other issues staged by a far right-wing family at the funerals of deceased military persons is technically covered by the First Amendment to our Constitution. As long as the protestors didn’t threaten or slander anyone personally, there wasn’t much anyone could do, except protest back at them. I felt the protests were a form of harassment and occasionally did cross the line into slander. The couple who brought the original lawsuit against the protestors claimed their dead son was slandered because the evangelicals had called him a murderer. I don’t know if it was true, but the Supreme Court sadly ruled in favor of the church group that had staged the initial protest.

    Since then, however, people have been showing up to counter-protest. The group’s vehicles have occasionally been vandalized; the tires slashed and – in a few instances – someone has hurled rocks or bricks through the windows. The church group maintains a 6-figure travel account for the sole purpose of driving out to these funerals; money that could be better spent helping homeless people eat and learn certain skills to find jobs. I told friends and family that, one of these days, the church group is going to protest at the wrong funeral and end up leaving on stretchers and in body bags. I wouldn’t put it past some people to react that violently, as funerals are such an emotional time for a family.

    As for sexual harassment, it’s been an ongoing problem for decades and unfortunately, it won’t stop in this lifetime. My mother and other female relatives can relay some graphic accounts of such indignations. But it goes both ways. Personally, I can recount more than a few situations where I’ve been the butt of offensive comments by female constituents. I also resent being placed in the same category as men who engage in such behavior deliberately.

    Either way it does make for a hostile work environment and simply shouldn’t be tolerated.

    • We have heard of Westboro and their reprehensible attitude. They are going to end up all dead when they turn up at some point.

      As a moderator on some of the channels, I will delete comments like “you’re fat”, “you look like Santa Clause”, “aren’t you a little old to be playing video games” (the streamers don’t want me to reply with – aren’t you a little young to be judgemental). They are obnoxious comments by some kids who think they are funny. Same as people who just write swear words in the chat. harmless and just deleted.

      But when someone says “I am going to cover you in honey and lick it from your pssy”, “why don’t you just go and hang yourself”, or “I want you to put your cck in my mouth”, it goes beyond that and gets reported. I had forgotten until you mentioned it, that a male streamer had offensive sexual comments made towards him.

      This poor girl in particular though, she gets hundreds of messages every day detailing sexual intrusions on her.

      Anything that makes for an uncomfortable or hostile environment should not be allowed to continue.

  7. A friend of mine said on FB just yesterday that cruel or offensive behavior is never acceptable under any circumstances EVER! And I agree 100%! Not even in retaliation of someone else’s behavior because then you are only lowering yourself to their level. It is a shame this world has to be so mean and hateful to one another when love and peace is what people SAY they want. We can only do our part and know in our heart it is the right thing and right way to treat one another!😙 💕

    • Spot on Courtney. This poor woman has messages sent to her Facebook, twitter, xbox and stream and they are vulgar. Reporting one person yesterday had his account suspended, but it’s not enough.

      I don’t see how anyone can get the satisfaction of bullying or being hateful.

  8. You are so right Al, in life and on line, no one has the right to treat people in an offensive way or be rude etc. On line, people can hide behind the screen unfortunately. Sad.

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