Something Said Can Make A Difference Years Later

A few years ago, I was posting three times a week with words of encouragement and hope. I ended up stopping because I was posting the same words again and again so I was going over the same things.

Today I had a comment on one of those posts. More importantly on one of the images from a 14-year-old girl who told me that it made a difference to her and she realizes that with her flaws, she is beautiful.

When I first saw it was a comment on an old post, I went to recycle it as spam until I read it. It moved me that something I said nearly three years ago has had an effect on someone today. I am glad it helped her. I hope she continues to see the beauty that is inside her.

11-49 Rantings Of A Beautiful Mind

18 thoughts on “Something Said Can Make A Difference Years Later

  1. Awe A I feel that way about the things you share too. You have always shared a lot of wisdom. I love that it touched a 14 year old. We never know who might something old we shared. 🤗😊💛

    • It’s like the statement that smiling at someone, just lifting the lips may be the one thing that makes someone’s so much better.

  2. I might have told you this before. After I created my first website of inspirational quotes (YEARS ago), I forgot about it. After a few years I got an e-mail from a guy who said he had been considering suicide until he saw my website. A year or so later, when I was out in Seattle for a conference, he and his wife had me over for dinner.

    • That is magnificent. What a way to change someone’s life for the better. But it’s you, so you were bound to. You always make people smile.

  3. See Al, and you know things like that need repeating all the time. You might help and touch people you don’t know. You only know of the ones who comment, but there are more out there!

    • It was very moving, and to know I made such a difference to someone’s life makes me feel … like I have done at least one thing good.

      • Aww… Al you have done more than ONE good thing!! Your blog posts have helped many I’m sure. And they have helped brighten my day on many days. You are a great person and a good friend. 😙

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