Sunday Photo Fiction – Sibling Murder?

Every week a photo is donated to use as a prompt in writing a story with a word count of around 200. Sometimes the prompt is subtle and takes a little while to find it, but it is always there.

If you would like to have a go, then click on the Sunday Photo Fiction image, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the frog image.


Jemima Fedge felt proving her brother’s innocence was a task not easily completed. All the evidence pointed to him murdering their brother. There just happened to be someone recording the argument between the brothers with Ralph being told not to turn his back, as that was when the knife would fall.

She knew they argued a lot, even came to blows sometimes, but killing? No, none of the family had it in them to murder. Jemima picked through the remains of the house, trying not to look in the room where the most parts of Ralph ended up. She placed a hand on the charred tabletop feeling slight warmth she knew to be psychosomatic, as weeks had passed since the fire.

As she looked under the cupboard, she saw where the fire started according to the fire investigator. Jemima did not pretend to know how a fire started, only that it started in the cupboard. That was when the cold truth hit her. This was no accident. Ralph was murdered. Worse, the chemicals that burned a hole in the cupboard before joining other chemicals, traces of which were on her brother’s hands.

The truth was Clifford Fedge was a killer.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Sibling Murder?

  1. Fam-damnly – Ouch. I just read a murder mystery where the parents could not figure how they had given birth and rise to a psychotic killer. In the end the police got the bad guy.

    • Always good when they get the bad guy. I like the idea of seeing it from the parent point of view. I have watched programs and films and wondered how the parents would feel if they knew how their kids turned out, being someone who would willingly take another life.

  2. I love the detective novel story. Very Sherlock Holmes in the practicality of how Jemima reasons things out and the shocking truth at the end. Killing there brother terrible thing for her other brother to do. Getting rid of the body chemically that’s even more terrible. How could u do that to your sibling? Great write Al.

    • I spent seven years not talking to one of my siblings, four of them hating the very ground they walked on, until I realised the only person I was hurting was myself. So after a while I actually pitied him. I started talking to him again last year (I still don’t trust him but that’s another story). In all that time I never wished him dead, and one time when a friend posted that his friend with the same name as my brother had died, I panicked. I would never have wanted him dead, and I would have been devastated had he done so.

      • I can imagine. Sorry about not being able to work things out with your brother. I’m happy you can talk at least now? I get along with both my brothers well my Mom was very adamant that as siblings we love each other and depend on each other and like each other even when we didn’t get along. A lot of that I think has to do that my Dad had Sister who was a spoiled brat and is in my Dad’s eye a selfish person and like your brother she can’t be trusted. We see her occasionally but like you, I know love for a sibling supersedes how angry they can make you — your never want anything super bad to happen them.

        • I talk to him regularly now and don’t finish a conversation abruptly. I won’t invite him to my house as I don’t want him to know where I live yet.

          At least it is getting back. Slowly.

          I have told my kids a similar thing to what you were told. And give my brother as an example, like your aunt was.

          • Yeah it’s hard. I’m sorry he did whatever he did. Praying your relationship continues to improve, that you can trust him a little bit.

  3. I gave my 11th graders a writing prompt from magazine photo once a week to write 3 short paragraphs: what is going on, why did it come about and how will it end. Then as students did their classwork they were called to my desk one at a time for a word by word edit/correction for rewrite. This was probably the best activity I ever did in 33 years. It also told me that as an old history teacher I taught most of them more about writing mechanics that all their English teachers put together.

  4. Nice story. You have a way with mysteries.
    And, I love puns…so I shall be driven crazy (never a far trek)…but I can’t get the pun in my head. Is it British? Would an Amurcan get it?
    hmmm….cliff or edge?
    argh. 🙂

  5. Nothing like going back to the scene of the crime to come to grips with the truth. I like the murder mystery feel to this one, and also how it’s shown from the perspective of someone who cares about the accused.

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