A Dog’s Purpose?

There is a film coming up this year called A Dog’s Purpose. When films with animals are made, they are done with people there to make sure the animals are not harmed or distressed in any way.

Do they mean physical harm or mental harm? Some film-makers will force their animals to do something they don’t want to. Some animals are put into a distressed position and forced to do something they are scared of.

Would we do that with a child? Would we force a five or six-year-old to do something they were terrified of?

Why do some film-makers think it is okay to do it to the animals. Then say no animal was harmed because no limbs broke. That animal may well be terrified of the position it was put in, and not go anywhere near that again, or even wet itself because of the terror it faced.

No animal should be harmed mentally or physically when put in a film. Use CGI if necessary. There are companies who can do that.


13 thoughts on “A Dog’s Purpose?

  1. I saw this earlier today. I don’t know if it’s a federal law here in the U.S., but film and production companies almost always have a trainer on staff when a scene includes animals. I think documentaries are the exception. Yes, it’s awful they did that to that poor dog. The animal survived otherwise unscathed, but it’s obvious from the footage that it was terrified. With the slew of computer-generated graphics and images available to filmmakers these days, I don’t see why they had to have a real dog in that particular scene.

    • Exactly. I think this getting out has damaged their income for the film before it is released. it’s “easy” to get the computer generated one or even green screen it in a harness lifted slightly off the ground. I say “easy” because it would be easy for the computer generatory people. Not for me, I can’t even animate a gif lol.

  2. That is horrible to do that to an animal, There is so much they do with green screen etc, why not use that instead of putting that poor dog under such distress. This is terrifying. Animated animal films are much better… and I still cry then too if it emotional.

  3. I won’t usually watch anything that has to do with animals unless it is animated… I get to emotional over all of it. The story or if one dies or whatever! I don’t care if it is a true story or not or even if it has a happy ending. :-/

    • I don’t like watching animal films either. In Walking Dead there is a tiger, but that is animated. If a company can do that with a tiger, surely others can do that as well.

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