Your Vote Counts

This year, the American Presidential Election has been the most vicious and nasty one in a very long time. It may be the most vicious ever in a free country. I’m not American so I don’t get a say in who becomes President, but those of you over there in the USA, do. And you need to use that say. That right.

But my vote won’t make a difference. My not voting is my vote. Our country is going to the dogs anyway, why should I vote.

You say that, and your vote doesn’t make a difference. Neither does yours. Or yours. Or yours, yours, yours, yours or yours. Or all the people there. Or them. Or those.

Oh wait, that is 100,000 people who have said their one vote doesn’t matter. Each on its own may seem insignificant. One droplet of water is insignificant. But look at the sea. One snowflake is insignificant. But look at an avalanche. One stone is insignificant. But look at a beach. One grain of sand is insignificant. But look at the desert.

Your one vote is NOT insignificant. Your vote matters. Your vote counts. You HAVE to vote.

On November 8th, go cast your vote whether for Hillary, Trump or Johnson.

Wouldn’t it be funny if, in a protest, the whole country voted for Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Whatever you decide,



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32 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts

  1. Odd how in some states the there were alternate presidential candidates other than the three you mentioned… that were not on the ballet in every state.

    And that the popular vote and electoral votes are not the same count, and it is the electoral votes that do count. I’m not sure of the fairness or rational of that. Other than it seems to be politics as usual.

    I did vote.

    • I think there should be two things on the voting paper. WHo you want as your local MP / Senator / Governor / Mayor or whatever, and then who you want as President / Prime Minister / Monarch etc. Some people may want one leader of their state / town / area, but don’t want the leader of that party.

      • You don’t have to vote single party ticket. And Hubby explained that the electoral vote is actually to benefit the smaller or (larger but) less populated states to get a fair representation. Too much politics makes my head hurt. But it is said that once you have someone in ‘office’ you need to support them. And to an extent that is true.

        We’ve heard that (at least) California wants to withdraw from the US…And some folks are of the opinion that that would actually be a relief to the rest of the states…

  2. I’d prefer if Jill Stein of the Green Party would win, but I know that’s an impossibility. The Democrats and Republicans have reconfigured the system to ensure one of their minions will win. Does my vote count? I’d like to think so. But reality tells me it doesn’t. Going to the dogs doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually. They have more compassion than most humans.

    • At least you know the dog is going to bite you when they snarl. Most politicians lick your hands and take little chunks out when you aren’t noticing.

      • Most Americans keep forgetting that it’s actually the Electoral College that selects the president and vice-president, not average voters. The Electoral College will meet next month to cast their own ballots. The myth that everyday citizens can change the nation with the power of their votes has become so ingrained in the public conscious that it’s now become a “truth.” It’s not!

        As for the current U.S. elections, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump is qualified to be president. I’m certain Clinton will win. But things won’t change here. We’ll still have our troops in the Middle East; we’ll still have excessive income inequality; we’ll still have militarized police forces across the nation; we’ll still have a rotten policy in Latin America; and we’ll still keep kissing Israel’s ass no matter what they do.

        It doesn’t matter. It really just doesn’t matter what we average voters want.

          • It’s a remote possibility, but not likely at this stage. If either Sanders or Cruz end up back in the running, it would require a massive upheaval of the entire electoral process. That, in turn, would bring the system into question, which – as far as I’m concerned – it already is.

            For the second time in 16 years, we’ve had 2 presidential candidates who received a larger share of the popular vote, but not the electoral vote. Most of us recall the 2000 elections, which weren’t resolved for over a month. I’m surprised Clinton conceded so quickly, considering that 3 states are still technically too close to announce a final tally.

            Either way it’s very likely Donald Trump will be the nation’s 45th president. He’ll be the first Chief Executive in over a century with no prior political or military experience. He’s also the first who’s on his third marriage and (I believe) the first who’s currently in the midst of litigation. He’s still being sued by former students of his so-called Trump University. Protests against Trump have erupted all over the country now.

            He’s a true outside, but not in a good way. This entire mess leaves me even more discouraged about the U.S. election process and concerned overall for the welfare of our nation. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a candidate run such a hate-filled campaign.

            That mission to Mars is looking better and better.

            • I can’t believe the hate that has been in this. The comparisons between Trump and Hitler are very scary. As is some of the things that Trump has said like using the nukes and inflicting a shut down of muslims going into America. The taxes on imports from China and Mexico. It is scary for the world.

              Some of today’s newspaper headlines say it all. Like Statue of Liberty with her head in her hands asking “What have they done?”

  3. Can’t say I want any of them but many of us have banded together to vote third party for no other reason than to boost the number of their supporters so the next election they will be able to debate and get proper media attention. It would be great if the protest votes outnumbered the votes for either of the two main parties.

    • It is unfortunate that the third and (as I have since found out) fourth parties don’t have a say. Over here, the Liberal Democrats are very low in the standings, but they are still included in the debates.

      • Many voted third party hoping to reach that magic 5% to be invited to debates and share in public funds as they disliked both candidates. It’s close. While there are still votes to be counted I heard Johnson is close to 4%. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Over here, a lot of people didn’t vote and then tried to start a petition to get the government changed. I’m pretty sure that’s basically what an election is. Vote and you can do something

    • SO many people say “My vote doesn’t mean anything” and when you add them all together, especially when it came to Brexit, the people who didn’t vote could have changed the outcome. All votes matter.

      • Oh there are much more Trump and Clinton may be on other parties. There’s working family, the green party and when we go to vote there may be more we never heard of. What people who are voting for Hillary need to know is to vote democratic because if they vote for her in another party it won’t count as democratic.

  4. Completely agree! But they don’t let Canadians vote. Hoping a certain someone doesn’t get in; the thought scares me. Best of luck!

    • Wish they would let us vote in the UK as well. I wanted to remain completely unbiased in this post, even though I favour one candidate.

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