Sunday Photo Fiction – How It Should Have Ended

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to create a piece of fiction in around 200 words. Usually called Flash Fiction. I haven’t done this in a while, and I got the idea from S Writings and thought I would have a go at Fan Fiction. Plus I was appalled at the latest season of Arrow and the ending left me feeling “meh”. This is roughly how I would have preferred it to end. Links to characters are after the story.

If you want to have a go at Sunday Photo Fiction, it runs from 4am Sunday to 4am the following Sunday UK time. You can read stories others have written here.

161 06 June 19th 2016

The Green Arrow – Oliver Queen – looked down the road towards Damien Darhk, hate filling his eyes, his soul. Ever since the latter murdered Laurel Lance, the Black Canary, Arrow thought of nothing but vengeance.

“You think you can take me with your pathetic arrows and your hoard of people calling for my blood?” Darhk waved his hand and a flicker of energy shot up between himself and the group of men and women coming to the aid of Queen, causing the ones in the front to bounce of an invisible wall.

Darhk held up a hand and lifted Queen off the ground and started to choke the life from him. Using the energy he was taught, Queen started to push back Darhk’s energy, but he laughed a sadistic response. “You think your hastily learned minor defense is any match for me? Thanks to your Overwatch, I have the energy of thousands in me. There is nothing that can stop me.” He was startled to find his grip loosening.

“Funny thing about demons,” Darhk turned to face the newcomer. “Is that you never know what to expect from them. “ The raincoat clad man flicked a cigarette and took another from a packet and lit it from nothing. “Take that skull totem you use. I remember when he was a real person.” He took a long draw on the cigarette and Darhk found he no longer had any control of Queen.

 “Sorry, let me introduce myself. John Constantine.”


Oliver Queen – The Green Arrow

Black Canary

Damien Darhk

John Constantine



Missing Posts (or the Difference Between A Lot, Some, A Few and A Couple)

I have decided to take some time from posting my Photo of the Week for a couple of reasons. Well, three. But I suppose that still falls under the “a couple” area. When someone asks “How many” and gets the response “a couple” I usually look at that being either two or three. The same as “a few” is anywhere between three and ten depending on how many are in the bigger picture. If you refer to  a few slices of bread, then that means between three and five. But if you refer to the number of stars, then that could be between three and a hundred.

Anyway, I digress. One of the reasons is a broken fan on my laptop. I can hear it now clack-clack-clacking as it spins and it sounds like one of the struts from it is hitting something. This causes my laptop to freeze and I have to hold the power button to shut it down, losing everything I had. Maybe some kind person will donate a laptop to me for free haha. Seriously though, this makes it difficult to create anything. I have to save any work I do every couple of minutes. On some days I am lucky and the laptop is stable, and on other days I give up after twenty or thirty shut downs. (A few in this case would be between three and five)

A second reason is my photography skills have plummeted. I can’t seem to take a decent photo. I have been very unhappy with my photos for the past few months to the point that I have only been taking a few a month (about thirty compared to the thousands I used to take in a month so this falls under the A Few category).

As I write this and reread it, the word “few” is starting to feel as words do when you repeat them over and over. Say “banana” 10-15 times and it doesn’t sound right any more.

The third and most drastic reason is a little more crisisy.

I live in a flat that is almost 200 years old and still has some of its original pipework. On May 26th, I had just finished watching the finales of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow and I heard a sound like water. I went into the hallway and saw a wall of water covering my front door. I went upstairs to tell the owner that he had broke something, but received no answer. I phoned the plumber and he said he couldn’t get there for ten minutes. My daughter and I put buckets down and replaced the full buckets with empty ones and had to go back and change them again.

I went back up and started really banging on his door. I heard what sounded like scratching and I was about to move away when I thought that maybe he was laying on the floor and couldn’t answer and could only bang. So I leant forward to look through his glass. I placed my  hand on the window and the heat coming off it was intense. I realised that the problem wasn’t really the water. It was the fire!

Apparently, he had placed a tea-light on the side of the bath with no plate or base for it to stand on. The heat melted through the 200 year old lead pipes and both stopped the fire from spreading and alerted me to something being wrong. It could have been so much worse. There was a capped off gas inlet in the same room as the fire and it was starting to heat up the solder on the end. Had that melted and allowed the gas to escape, it would have left a sizable dent on the landscape.

These last couple of weeks have been clean up, and the loss adjusters have been so they can replace the carpets in the hallway as well as the carpets and mattress in my son’s bedroom.

So this is why I haven’t posted any photos of late, and until I can start taking decent photos again, I will only be posting the odd ones here and there.