Friday Fictioneers -Every Pun In Tend Did

Every week the wonderful Rochelle gives us a photo to use as a prompt to write a piece of fiction in around 100 words. I managed to keep it to the word limit again. I don’t often get the chance to do Friday Fictioneers, even though every week I say I will. So this week, I decided I was not going to do anything until I did it. I was not going to put it off.

This month marks the fourth year of Friday Fictioneers, so Rochelle used a previous photo supplied by Madison Wood. I couldn’t resist a pun post.

Friday Fictioneers is a very popular challenge, so if you want to read what others have written, then click on the little froggy.


© Madison Wood

When I first saw her, I was wired. There was something about her that started my emotions running wild. I couldn’t breathe when I thought of her, and when I saw her, I couldn’t walk, think or even string two words together.

I was on the fence when people asked me if I wanted to date again, but her … she made me want her. She seduced me with her eyes, she encapsulated me with her voice, she ensorcelled me with her scent.

I had to introduce myself to her.

“Hi, I’m Ken.”

She smiled that smile. “I’m Barbie”

46 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers -Every Pun In Tend Did

  1. Isn’t that interesting? Mattel makes a couple of dolls by that name. (badda-BING!) In all seriousness, though, this was a hoot to read. If anything, those two need their own story. Fun stuff!

    Nice job, Al! 🙂

    • Thanks very much 😀 I enjoyed writing this. I have a habit of just punning everything. One of my friends will sometimes just say “get out” hehe

  2. This made me laugh out loud and what does ensorcelled mean? New one on mean I’m going to look t up

  3. I’m still laughing at this Al 😀 Totally awesome take on the image – a very lighthearted and jocular post – with just enough of the absurd to make it all so easily digestible!

  4. Haha! Don’t tell me. Her last name is Wire, right? She really roped Ken in. I guess he won’t complain about her fencing him in. This was great fun, Al. I loved it.

  5. I thought I’d send you a wire to thank you for the relief from the gloom that Rochelle mentioned. But there are none anymore, so this post will have to do

    • Thanks Neil 😀 So far there have been no barbed comments :mrgreen:

      It’s early yet though, and I am sure there is going to be a lot of morbidness coming out of the camp (so to speak)

  6. Dear Al,

    Ensorcel is a new word for me. I love the puns. I fear that this week’s prompt will inspire a crop of grim stories (mine included). Your story offered a welcome giggle. Nice. Glad you found the time to join us this week. 😀



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