The Cards That Fall


A hand full of cards
Perused with a hush
Just a King needed
For the royal flush

The next hand is better
This time no charades
Winning with four of a kind
A Diamond, a club, a heart and a spade

Then a pair of sevens
And three of a Kind
Another win coming
Goes through the mind


A straight, two pair, full house
Royal flush and double deuce
These hands keep on falling
There’s no way to lose.

The money keeps coming
And the stakes are raised
This is no bother
Smiling, completely unfazed

The weather awakens him,
And he huddles ‘gainst the cold
Pulls a blanket around him
and shivers, feeling old


A tear rolls down his cheek
As he thinks of his life
Taking cards over his kids
His house and his wife

He whispers sorry to the wind
Wishing he could start again
He would make his life different
And stop all the pain

He knows he can’t change the past
But he can help the others
The gambling parents
Sisters and brothers


He knows what he will do
People’s lives will be grand
He will call his new refuge
You’ve Been Dealt A Better hand

© A Forbes 2016

All images come from Google Images


20 thoughts on “The Cards That Fall

  1. Very good, the glamour and the dream versus the sad reality for so many people. Addictions creep up on people and it is good to keep that in the forefront of people’s minds.

    • I had an addiction many years ago. I was lucky that I managed to stop it on my own. I don’t mean smoking, that one isn’t classed as one but I think it should be. Although I did stop smoking ten years ago.

      Addictions can be life altering and it is easy to get yourself lost in them, but not easy to get out of it.

      Thanks Ste J

      • It is testament to your will and personality that you managed to overcome your addiction by yourself and had you not, then I wouldn’t be commenting or have had many great and thought provoking blog posts from you.

        • Thanks you. It was looking in the mirror once and seeing an almost skeletal figure and I said “what the f*** are you doing to yourself?” Took a long time to get the weight back on, and after giving up smoking I need to lose some of it again lol.

  2. Very nice. I know we’ve got some gambler anonymous programs for those who would bet more than they can afford. That would be a very good motto for such a place of rescue and refuge.

    (Number poems…after over 45 years… I lost count of the number of poems I’ve written. But I do try to keep them in date order and filed by year and month with an index. Sometimes I even remember to give half a clue as to the form I’ve used. – Keep up the good work!)

    • Thanks Jules. I have had the first line in my head for a while but didn’t know where to go with it. I knew that when I started writing it would go its own way, but it was having the time.

      This is actually the second ending. I felt the first ending gave a vision of hopelessness, whereas this way, there is hope. There is always hope. I buy a paper every week, I think I may have mentioned it to you, The Big Issue. The people who sell it have been in very bad situations and selling that paper is a way of getting them out of it. They buy the paper for £1.25 a copy, and sell it for £2.50 so they are having to sped their money, they are not just given it, which is why the front page say “A Hand Up and not a Hand Out”. The guy I buy mine from, he used to be an alcoholic, a drug abuser and has been in prison. Now, he is one of the most trusted people in the town, and one of the nicest guys you could meet.

      It is things like GA, AA and NA that got him through it.

      I wanted to put the links in the bottom, because I know there are a lot of people who buy scratchcards because they could solve the problems. Just one go on the online Bingo and I will win enough for this week’s shopping. I’ve felt like doing it, but for me, when you have so little money, the rsk is too high.

      Sorry, i have written an essay in reply.

      • Nothing to be sorry for. Budgets apply to many things in life as well as time and money.
        I remember when a local gambling place opened up…men had to wear jackets…but some of the women you knew where coming in to spend their butter and egg money as their hair was up in curlers under their rather unattractive head coverings. And that was long before no-smoking was allowed. People would grind their cigarettes in the carpet. How rude. The place had to replace the rugs in the first six months or first year at least.
        People can change with the help of other good people but it is always the first few steps that are the hardest when the person feels the lowest… and I give kudos to places that respect the individuals and see beyond what was to what could be.

  3. You have produced something
    really nice with this piece of poetry
    Al and I congratulate you on it
    my fine friend. I didn’t realise that
    you are a poet as well as a great
    photographer. well done Al 🙂


      • You have a gift for poetry Al so don’t keep your talents hidden, share your wisdom and enjoy everything that you write. Your fifty seven will soon be a hundred and fifty seven, just keep writing and enjoy it 🙂

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