A Trip Along The Pier

Last week I took a stroll along the Prince Of Wales Pier near me so that I could take some photos and spend time with my kids. We went to a café that is at the other end and had dinner. The main thing to be able to photograph along there is the lighthouses. Today there is a three masted boat which I am hoping will still be there on Sunday so I can get closer to it, but last week it was only lighthouses. Those things that have saved the lives of so many sailors. Here are a few of the photos from then.

17 thoughts on “A Trip Along The Pier

    • I went up one many years ago – when I was a kid. I loved the view from up there. Would love to go up another one, but unless they have a lift – not going to happen lol.

    • They are great to look at. And at night times, in the fog, if you can get the shot right, you can have the light coming out of each sight. It’s fantastic how something so simple can save so many people’s lives

    • Thanks Kim. It was a great day. I went to the Roman Painted House today – 1800 year old place and it said “No photography”. When I mentioned it, they allowed me to as long as I don’t put them in a publication

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