Nature Gives Us So Much Without Us Knowing It

No matter where you go in life, there are things around you that you don’t notice. Things that allow you to live, to breathe, to walk, to run, to laugh, love, lay, win, smile. Things we take for granted. And things that ultimately, are the same things that – metaphorically – are inside us. Look at the plants around you. They started from a little bulb or a little seed, and they fought their way through mud, dirt, grime. Battled weathers, and even survived birds. And what happens to them? They become these beautiful creations. What about caterpillars? They are these creatures which inch along with rolls of … something … avoiding birds, creatures, everything before going into a dark area. And in that darkest of dark places is where the transformation happens. When the plant emerges from the darkness, it becomes a beautiful flower. When a caterpillar emerges from the darkness, it becomes a beautiful butterfly or a beautiful moth.

When you emerge from your darkness, you will be so much stronger. You will have so much more strength. You will be so much more beautiful. Know that you WILL come out of that darkness.

These today are from a video I putting together. The phrases and quotes have come from a variety of places of the last year or so.

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11 thoughts on “Nature Gives Us So Much Without Us Knowing It

  1. the fact that the world seems to have been tailor made for us to live on is what confuses a lot of people into religion… they can’t see that we adapted and survived to fit into the world the way it is… but I like your point.

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