Throwback Thursday: Immortality

I have been thinking about this post a lot lately. it has been just over two years since I posted it, and my parents celebrated their Golden Anniversary which I was so scared of them not being able to.

After I originally posted this, I prayed and prayed and prayed. I asked for a miracle, and I got one. My mother was misdiagnosed. She did not have cancer, terminal or otherwise.

This was posted Sunday December 2nd 2012



We look at members of our family as being immortal. We hear of something on the news or from someone else or read it in the paper, and our first reaction is usually “thankfully that won’t happen to me”. Even when something happens to extended family, it’s not the same as immediate family. If your aunt or your uncle is diagnosed with a terminal illness, then we feel for them, but we thank whoever that it isn’t our immediate family.

What happens then when it IS our immediate family. When you are told that your father has a disease that kills. Then he trials a drug and is cured. But in the meantime you are watching the weight fall from him as he vomits every night. When the tiniest drop of blood can harm you. But then he is cured and it reaffirms the notion that your family is immortal.

Then your mother becomes ill. Told there is a brain tumour. The thoughts that run through your head are too fast. They operate though and remove it. Once again, your family is immortal. Then she has something wrong with her stomach. If she doesn’t get it sorted, she’ll die. Another operation later and once again, your family is immortal.

Your sister contracts Tuberculosis (TB) and is locked in a room in hospital. They tell you that she has only one working lung and that is not 100% efficient. But she survives. Your family is immortal. Your mother has a stroke. Puts her in hospital for months. She has to learn how to use the muscles on the side of her face again. But she survives. Your family is immortal. Arthritis spreads through her body, getting to every joint and some not joints. But she remains happy because your family is immortal.

Then your father, again, parts of him start to fail. His knees, his back. He has to have operations to fix it. Which he does. Everything is good. Yes, he will have to have other operations, but that’s not a problem. After all, your family is immortal.

And then it happens. That moment that knocks you off of your feet. Has you crying in a corner because your family is supposed to be immortal. These things aren’t supposed to happen to you. They happen to other people. Not you. YOUR. FAMILY. IS. IMMORTAL!!! The doctor’s have to be wrong. They have to be. They’ve misdiagnosed. It’s not cancer. Not your mother. It’s not allowed to be. When they say it’s inoperable, they don’t know that. There’s got to be something. Your family is immortal.

But the specialists are meeting, so there’s a possibility – a small possibility – that your family is still immortal.

One Is The Loneliest Number

(Inspired by this post by Penny at The Why About This)

At some point in our lives we feel lonely. We feel there is no-one there for us. We are alone with no way out. No one can help us. Even the word “lonely” has the word “one” in it. See?


If you look at it, there is a wall stopping you get out. The L on either side. A wall, a barrier, stopping you from moving either way, there is even something blocking the way forward.


There is always a way though. You have to really push to get through. Once you break down that wall, you are in the


Free. Remember though, you may feel lonely, but you are never alone.

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