Tuesday Conundrum – Jealousy

Every week, Jeremy gives us a prompt. Each day a different theme. On Tuesday’s it’s a Tuesday Conundrum. When I saw that the theme was Jealousy, I knew instantly where I wanted to go with it.


David glared at his wife. Even though she told him nothing happened between her and his best friend. His hand tightened on the base of the lava lamp as his face grew redder with rage.

Jessica had never seen him like this, never seen so much jealousy spilling out of him. She had not even flirted with his friend, but somehow he had it in his mind that because they spoke on the way home, they were now seeing each other.

Amidst the rage, the phone rang beside him, and he grabbed it, about to snarl down the mouthpiece. Or that is what Jessica assumed he was about to do. He actually stumbled backwards two steps with a look of terror on his face

*** *** ***


Josh looked at Sergeant Adams quizzically. “I don’t understand it Sarge,” he said. “We have a lifelike statue of the husband, and a wife who seems in shock and unable to say anything. If I may,” he carried on, choosing his words carefully. “I think there is something not quite right going on.”