Ducking The Web – WARNING – Contains Photos Of Spider Webs

I love the way spider webs glint in the sun. These were taken beside the river. I love the way ducks preen themselves. The way they stretch their legs and wings.

48 thoughts on “Ducking The Web – WARNING – Contains Photos Of Spider Webs

  1. I have taken so many pictures of ducks. I could watch them for hours. Also got a good photo of a spider web. They creep me out but they are fascinating! Love these photos, even the spider web.:)

  2. OH Those are super cool! Love the ones of the ducks especially the one that looks like it is standing on top of the water! …but the spider webs are beautiful! I know…I’m weird! I so need to put my pics up of Charlotte. She was my gorgeous garden spider I watched (and fed) all summer! Really! I went to Petsmart and bought her crickets and put them in her web! She was so pretty! And hubby took some cool picks of her web and of another web outside our bedroom door in the sunlight. πŸ™‚

  3. LOL it looks like the duck in the first photo is doing some ballet stretches πŸ™‚ I love photos of spider webs…especially when they have dew on them and the sun is just coming up.

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