Haibun Thinking – When Things Go Wrong

Haibun Thinking is a weekly challenge to create something usually of a human nature from one of two prompts. For this week’s prompts, we had a choice of a photo or a quote from a film. The photo is from Sally at My Beautiful Things, and the film prompt is near the end of the film Blade Runner. I chose the quote. This came to me tonight just after my XBOX One broke on me.

“All those moments will be lost in time…
like tears in rain.”
~ Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner)

Sometimes we do things that cheer ourselves up. We are low, so we try to lift our own spirits. These things we do may be to take ourselves on a shopping spree, to take ourselves to the movies, to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

Just the idea of doing this can help. We can go from tears to wiping them away with just the thought of “Tomorrow, I will go see the latest action movie / chick flick / rom-com” or “I will go and buy myself something”. Maybe even going for a walk somewhere you don’t normally go. If you normally walk through an urban area, why not go to the beach. If you normally go to the beach, why not go to a wooded area. If you normally go to a wooded area, go for a walk with nature. That time out can make all the difference.

Sometimes though, that can be taken away from us as well. A sudden deluge; traffic; other problems, these can drop us as well. What can we do then? We can look to other things. We can look to ways of changing the outcome. We can still get back on top. There is always a way.

life can go askew
it does not have to be all bad
we just need a fresh view

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