We Can’t Always Understand Why Something Happens

Sometimes we will sit and try to work out why something has happened the way it has. We will sit and mull over and over and over trying to work out what went wrong, what we did, what we said, what we didn’t say, what we didn’t do. But at times there is nothing that can change that path. There is no way to understand why some things happen. They just do. I know this is easier said than done, but at times we just have to accept it. We just have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and get on with life. Not everything in life will make sense. Not everything will go our way. Just live your life the best you can.

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Calendars Are Still Available

There are still calendars available if you wish to purchase them. I make no money out of these, and occasionally pay a bit myself when the exchange rate changes slightly. If you want one, then email me at


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Being Nice To Someone When You Don’t Want To Be Makes You A Very Strong Person

I find it difficult not to say “thank you” to a bus driver when I get off whether the ride was awful or not. I will say “thank you” in a shop whether the counter staff are rude to me or not. Just because someone else is rude, does not mean we have to be. We are our own person, we can say “thank you” for a service. We don’t have to, but why let someone who is rude make us be rude as well?

Whether you like my blog or not

thank you

Whether you like me or not

thank you

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it.


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