Five Years And A Day Later

Five years ago yesterday, I heard the devastating news that one of my favourite icons had died. No, I am not talking about Jackson. I am talking about the Angel Heaven gained on June 25th 2009. I adored both the woman and her name so much that my daughter was given the same name.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer, a strain that is not often heard of. She had Anal Cancer, and underwent chemotherapy, then not long after her 60th birthday, a press release said she was cancer free, and I was so happy at this news. She has been an icon of mine since I saw her in Charlie’s Angels in 1976.

The following year, Farrah Fawcett was diagnosed with a malignant polyp, so she travelled to Germany in an attempt to challenge the disease, and also to try to remove liver cancer. In 2009, she returned home to spend her last days with her long-time partner, Ryan O’Neal, and her son was allowed out of prison to see her, although he was still shackled.

Farrah Fawcett lost her fight against cancer at 09:28 on June 25th 2009. I was at a friend’s house at the time and I was stunned at the news. This was overshadowed later by the news of another death, but I will always remember June 25th 2009 for the death of one of my favourite TV and film actresses.

Heaven’s Angel

Farrah Fawcett

February 2nd 1947 – June 25th 2009

27 thoughts on “Five Years And A Day Later

    • Thank you 🙂 She tends to be forgotten amongst everything going on about Jackson. Same as people tend to forget that Roland Ratzenberger died the the day before Ayrton Senna on the same course, and fans were killed in the previous race when a wheel flew up to the stands. It is the mega star that pushes the others out. With Ratzenberger, he isn’t even in any of the books. It saddens me when one persons death means more than another’s.

  1. We all loved her hair style and tried to copy it. She was a good actress but her looks always overshadowed her talent which was a shame. I thought she was just wonderful. 😀

    • Yes it does. I said to someone the other day that the reason why time seems to be faster as we get older is because we are echoes to the future. Each day is a “ping” to the end of our lives and when we are kids, there is a long way to go so it seems like time takes for ever. As we get older, the pings come back faster.

      • Interesting analogy…I agree. I just know the older I get the faster it goes. I can’t believe this year is already halfway over and I just had my 1st anniversary on WordPress. It seems like I just started a few weeks ago……

        • This November I have my first anniversary in blogging. Oh, wait, sorry … that should say my first DECADE anniversary

          • OMG! 10 years??? WOW! I didn’t even know blogging existed until a few years ago and I wouldn’t allow myself to indulge in writing until last year sigh Oh well…can only start from where I am, eh? 🙂

            • In March 2012, I was going to give up blogging as I had three or four people read my blog, and they were people I knew personally. April 2012, I had a new follower, then another, and another. Now I have over 1600 people, and I have never ever done anything that has been so popular. It is very difficult to comprehend sometimes, that this is me that does this blog.

            • I get a little thrill when I see a new followers. It makes me feel good to know someone actually wants to read what I write. BUT I was in a Barnes & Noble the other day and got very intimidated. Thousands of books on the shelf…what could I possibly write that anyone would want to read 😦

            • Which is why it took me 20 years to start writing. I had an idea from when I was a kid, and I may still do it at some point. I was told to write and the thought of being there alongside Brian Forbes and Colin Forbes excited me, but then I looked at the others and felt there was no way anyone would see something of mine. Now though, I am willing to give it a go., If nothing happens, then I will know that I tried. Better than still wondering whether or not I should have done 🙂

            • Good for you! I admire your tenacity…. I enjoy writing. I don’t know if I want to try a novel right now. I don’t have any great story ideas. But I do see things all around me that I want to describe in words 🙂

  2. I remember watching the documentary she and Ryan O’Neal made regarding her final attempts at treatment. Very sad, but I had more insight into her after that too.

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