A Few Randoms – And No Birds

No birds will please some people. These are a few photos that I took over the last few days.

The tug was on the other side of the wall and plowing through the waves.

The butterfly was the first of the season that I have seen. There were two of them flitting around. Sorry it is not in focus, this only landed for a second.

The sun reflecting off the sea

The lighthouse and stop lights reflecting off the sea

Two orchids and a bud

Three wild flowers.

23 thoughts on “A Few Randoms – And No Birds

  1. What’s the problem with birds 🙂 They are all beautiful photographs and all have their own stories, this is so nice. Thank you dear Al, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  2. All beautiful…..love the orchids! But I think my favorite is the photo of the lighthouse night lights. We already have daffodils here as well. Our trees are full of leaf buds and the fruit trees have flowers! ACHOO! *groan* love allergies! *sniff* ’tis the season but I am not complaining! It will be 76 here tomorrow! yeha!

  3. I like these a lot Al but then I like the birds too, and not just those sporting micro bikini’s either 😉 Have a brilliant Friday and weekend my wicked friend and don’t be doing anything that I might do 😉 lol

    Your photography always looks awesome Al


    • Thanks Sheena. I know some people get fed up with me keep photographing birds, but that’s because I love them. Orchids are my favourite of all flowers.

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