Follow Friday: Rarasaur

Rara calls herself a dinosaur and is a very friendly creature. If you are nice to Rara, then Rara will be nice to you. The blog is only about eighteen months old, and has already been Freshly Pressed (which is how I found her).


Rara’s blog is unpredictable. You never know what her next post will be about, but you can guarantee it will be a good read. She does talk about her husband and his blog, and she also has two cats. One is named after a Shakespearean character, and the other is named after a Superhero. It’s up to you to find out what the names are though.

Rara’s interests go from Artists to mushrooms to shiny things to Zanzibar.

Hers is definitely a great blog to follow.








28 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Rarasaur

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  2. I had the craziest day in the universe and this was such a lovely thing to find on my return. Thank you, Al. *hugs* I appreciate the sentiment, and as always– I stand in admiration of your awesomeness! xo!

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