History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Does Tend To Rhyme. ~ Mark Twain

I want to thank Katrina Perkins (actress and one of the quizzers on Million Second Quiz) for finding the first of these inspirational quotes for me today. I appreciate that, thank you Katrina.

When things happen to us again and again, we say that we are doomed to that, but are we? Or do we just let it happen because it is what we are used to? We can change that by not allowing it to happen. It is not an easy task, but sometimes, happiness takes hard work  so we can sit down and say “I did that!” That, I believe, is one of the most rewarding things we can do. When we create something and it gives us a smile, that gives us happiness. Sometimes even in a relationship, it is not automatically happiness for ever after. The fairy tales don’t tell of the bills that come in, the shopping, the cost of living, the dirty nappies (diapers), the screaming children, the lack of sleep, but the rewards are good if you see it through and work at it.

In some cases, happiness is like a raindrop falling from the sky and landing in a puddle, causing ripples to spread outwards touching happiness to all along the way. In others, you have to find the water first. When you do though, it is the most wonderful thing there is.

Be happy. Be you.

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39 thoughts on “History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Does Tend To Rhyme. ~ Mark Twain

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  2. That happiness can be a challenge to uphold sometimes…I mean in general, not relationshippy wise. Still like you say you have to work at stuff to get it, unless you want a big boulder and are situated at the bottom of Boulder Hill on a day when there is a hurricane about.

    • Why would anyone want to live at the bottom of Boulder Hill 😉

      Very much so. If you wait for something, it is not going to happen. you have to help it on its way.

  3. Evening Alastair! 🙂

    This is my favourite post this year. It’s so beautifully written and so incredibly true! You’re a wonderful person Alastair, and have a huge heart.
    Must sleep as it’s nearly midnight. Goodnight, hugs Paula xxxx

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