Follow Friday: Book to the Future


Book To The Future started out as a Book Review blog, with Ste J giving us a unique perspective of the books he has read. As a book lover and a book “sniffer”, his love of books puts him in the right place for this.

In recent times, Ste J has started to include poetry, and whilst he is just a beginner with it, is very good and if he carries it on can be better than exceptional.

At his 200th post, he created a “Vlog” a “Video Log” where he speaks to his readers directly and reviews the book House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski and has gone on to create a second Vlog book review.

He is also an avid Doctor Who fan and reviewed a video of one of the Doctor’s adventures for each of his regenerations.

Ste J’s blog, Book To The Future is a good blog to follow, and I would suggest going over, taking a look through a few posts and then clicking Follow. Or clicking Follow then taking a look through.

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8 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Book to the Future

    • A VLog is something I will never do. Images of me appear to have vanished, so I will not be adding one of them. Also, you need a Google+ account to upload it, and I don’t have one of them, so all of my videos on YouTube are gone. If I had known that would happen when I deleted my G+ account, I would have downloaded my videos first.

  1. I wondered why I had had a hits spike, thank you for bigging me up once again sir! I think book sniffing is a very underrated pass time as well.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I hope you managed a few more followers from it as well

      Yeah, I have been around books a lot more of late due to someone I kinda like.

      • ah this is pleasing me muchly! Books are always a good way to a girl’s heart! I have had a few more followers and a good bunch of hits thank you and also thank you for the card as well, a wonderful surprise!

        • Glad it made it there. I think I will give up on the idea of the girl. She is pretty, so will more than likely already have someone.

          Yay to more followers 🙂

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