Follow Friday: Momus News

This week, I have chosen Momus News. The reason for this one, is that you can guarantee that with his his stories, you will have a giggle. He has a fantastic sense of humour that would appeal to so many people. Taking part in Friday Fictioneers; Yeah, Write Speakeasy; Sunday Photo Fiction and the Trifectra fiction challanges, he always has something to share with everyone.

He also posts some wonderful photography from his life or photos that he has taken and used in the Weekly Photo Challenges.

According to Momus, he views the world from a different angle, a humorous angle. Which is why he chose the name for his blog – Momus being the Greek God of Satire.

If you are not already following him, you may find your day brightened as his stories drop into your lap to read.

Momus News ……………………. WordPress


8 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Momus News

  1. Thank you, Alastair, for recommendations! I like Momus. He prepared a festive meal for Thanksgiving! Menu looks so appetizing!
    Enjoy this wonderful evening! 🙂

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