Sunday Photo Fiction: The MotherLoad

Sunday Photo Fiction is a Photo Fiction prompt with a word count in the region of 100-200 words. If you wish to take part, then take a look at the site, here. Or, click on the little blue creature to read other stories.

Readers who have been here from the start of the Photo Fiction, may recognise parts of this story. It follows from the very first one which can be found here.

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35 11 November 24th 2013

The MotherLoad

Sal pecked around the dust, feeling the pains in his stomach due to not having eaten properly for three days. The only thing to grace his beak was a small piece of bread. Now, as he tried to gain the slightest speck, he noticed a sheet of paper. He tore it from the ground and flipped it over. As he tried to memorise the message, his excitement became almost unbearable. This news needed to go to the council now.

Picking up the paper, Sal flew to line of Columbidae1 sitting on the fence. As he came into land, Xena scoffed “Looks like Sal is going hungry again. He thinks he found the motherload”. The last words came out as a very intentionally bad impression of Sal.

Iggy, the leader of the pigeons, asked Sal what the paper entailed. Sal asked the council to convene, and dropped his prize when they all stood on the yellow box.

“I found this letter,” explained Sal. “From the looks of it, a Laridae2 died whilst taking it to his clan. What I can gather, all we have to do for unlimited food is put up with a human making a box flash at us.”


1 Columbidae is Latin for pigeon

2 Laridae is Latin for seagull


29 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The MotherLoad

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  2. I love this!! So cute….makes you wonder what they are thinking sometimes huh? I especially liked the pic of the little bird that followed you around the park…..
    I wish I could read my dog’s mind! he he he 🙂

    • It certainly did. 🙂

      These pigeons normally are on a wall at the top, so when they were all on the fence I had to take them. The only other time I have seen so many on that fence, a pure white one was facing the opposite way 😀

  3. You are the friend of all pigeons, Alastair? How it delights and endearment, that have come in large numbers to photograph them? Very nice photo, also like the story. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a quiet night, Alastair, and exceptional new week! 🙂

    • They are. I adore pigeons. Mind you, I also adore seagulls, owls, hawks, kestrels, terns, robins, blue tits, yellow tits, great tits, wagtails … and so on 😀

    • They are. They never seem to get fed up with eating. Probably why they drop their loads so much.

      How are you doing today? I am putting some thought into what your email said.

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