Cup A Soup

Okay, I do apologise to those people Who don’t understand this. I would say you need a Doctor. but that would be unfair. Who knows. 

33 thoughts on “Cup A Soup

      • that sounds cozy…:) I think I saw it before, too…if it is the flick I am remembering…

        I am gearing up to shop for Thanksgiving. Jack called and asked would i make it for him & fam’, so yes, I will. Great way to get those kinda munchies’ on…

        Do you guys have an equivalent? A: Good Riddance, Yanks..kinda day…lol?

        • Haha no, we just have a “If the American Government go on strike and we will come and take possession back” kind of day 😉

          Seriously, no we don’t have Thanksgiving over here. Good job too I suppose, thinking about it from my point of view. Anyhoo. World’s End is a relatively new film with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in it 🙂

  1. I remember seeing the first ever episode of Dr Who. My English teacher at school made critical remarks about it and that it wouldn’t last! Thanks for reading my blog today! Ann

  2. I always enjoy a bit Al
    soup I mean, or was I thinking
    of something else? 🙂 😉 lol

    Hope you are having a bit too 😉 lmao


  3. OK. I decided earlier today that I need to actually start watching Dr. Who. I’ll come back to this post when I actually understand more about this world 😉

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