The Power Of Words

After reading the post that I linked to Seattle Trekker, A Frank Angle posted a comment with one of the most moving inspiration videos I have seen. It is purely wonderful and shows the difference that words can make. Again, they may be actors but it does not take away the message.


33 thoughts on “The Power Of Words

  1. BAM!!! the single best 2 minute explanation of the current “life lesson” i’ve been teaching my (grown) son: everything is a story, so tell yours. “i’m blind, please help” is merely a plea. the other version tells the story in terms anyone can understand.

    • It is awesome. Those words that she wrote can make a huge difference. It reminds me of a man who is in hospital and he can’t sit up. He is terminally ill, as is the person by the window.

      Every morning, the man by the window tells the other person what is outside the window. The children playing in the park, lovers walking hand in hand, people throwing balls for their dogs. Then one day, the guy by the window dies. The other man asks to be moved by the window, and so they wheel him down there. When he is there, he fights to sit up so he can look out the window. When he does, all he sees is a huge wall from another part of the hospital. When he speaks to the nurse about what the other man had seen, she tells him that he was blind and was trying to make the one laying down feel better and to help him recover as much as he could.

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