Blogs, Trophies and Thanks

After receiving the Blog of the Year Award twice today (the only one I accept and share – you’ll see why soon) I went to upload the latest images, and I noticed a button on the blue pull-down menu called Trophies so I decided to have a look.

I started this particular blog in February 2010 which I have mentioned several times, and had three or four people who looked in on it occasionally. March 2012, I contemplated closing the blog. Then the trophies started.

I had written a table and imported it, but it wouldn’t format properly on here, so I won’t bore you with the numbers or you would be scrolling forever. I’ll just give a couple.

April 2 2012 – 5 likes
April 10 2012 – 5 Follows
April 27 2012 – 50 Likes
May 24 2012 – 50 Follows
July 10 2012 – 1000 Likes
March 1 2013 – 500 Follows

I want to thank everyone who has liked and followed my blog. Currently 870 people have clicked the follow button here, and I am very grateful for that. I don’t know what I have done, but I must have done something right. The people who follow and read my blog are the best, and as I have recently received the award twice again in the last couple of days, I want to say that I am offering the Blog Of The Year Award 2013 again.

If you have already had it, take it again, if you have not had it, take it anyway. I appreciate all of you for visiting my blog, for commenting, for liking, for tweeting my posts, for Facebooking them, or even just coming and going without clicking the like button as there must have been something that drew you here.

So whatever stage you are at, go one higher. Thank you all.


Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 4 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 5 star jpeg Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

72 thoughts on “Blogs, Trophies and Thanks

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  3. Way to go & Congratulations on your blog & for simply being YOU!

    I think I know how you went from 5 follows in 2012 to 500+ this year.
    It’s that quacky mustache! 😉

    • Thank you so much Rosy. It’s people like you that keep me going with my posts. Don’t forget to add this to your blog as well 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I prefer the term “artificial person” myself … no, wait … that’s not the one. Uhhh … I prefer the term “reader” myself. Hehe, sorry couldn’t resist. I prefer “reader” as Follower makes me sound like some sort of leader

    • 🙂 Thank you Ste J. I was impressed. Two years of only reaching two likes in the whole of that time, and then POW this torrent comes rushing down the path like a bobsled with a formula one engine in it and dragging behind it an avalanche. I was going to say like zombies infecting, but that would imply that people who read my blog are mindless zombies. Wherein fact, that is just me lol

      • I’ll be a mindless zombie, don’t want you feeling alone in that…in fact whilst Who is on we will seem like mindless zombies to the uninitiated. Two years and two likes? Crikey…well I am glad everyone has caught up…I think that makes you even with the stats now.

        • Currently on 140,222 views and 41,550 comments *41,551 with this one. It’s odd. My best ever day for views was June 25 2010 and not one person liked anything. That was 1,246 views in one day. But that was because someone added an image of mine to his (or her) tagline on a forum. Every time they posted a comment, it registered a hit. So I don’t count that day, it’s a “non-view” one.

          • Wow that is epic in any event…I think my best ever day was 177 hits and |I’m not sure what happened there. It was indeed an aberration. Your stats are totally epic…it will take me years to hit those numbers.

            • I used to want the numbers, especially when I was hitting 600-700 views a day, but they don’t bother me so much now. Well, unless they go below 100 which means I would have to go through and see what I had done. I might reblog you again in a couple of weeks then see if I can get your numbers up 😉 As far as I can tell, my Follow Fridays are giong well.

            • I remember last time you blogged me I got shedloads of hits and new followers who have become regulars for which I am most grateful to you for. It’s a great idea your Follow Friday and it would be an honour to be considered. I bet your consideration list is huge with all the talented people you follow. Happy Who day by the way!

            • It is very difficult Who to choose. It’s a case of going through and seeing who has posted what, and if it is a variety of different things. If someone posts a lot of things the same, then it is difficult to choose them as there has to be a diversity. Poetry is fine as that different every time, as is photography. If someone spends all their time reblogging, then I can’t really choose them. It has to be unique who I pick. There are some that I would like to pick, but they focus on film reviews. Some of them do all different films, but one does only Robert DeNiro, and another does all book reviews of Star Wars books. So you may be one who gets in there in the next couple of weeks, 🙂

            • I see what you did there…I would be impressed if many could crack that code hehe…Variety is something I hope to inject back into the blog soon!

            • Who? Me? I didn’t do-who anything. I like the different things you do. Book reviews, Dr reviews, VReviews, poetry

            • I am hoping to add even more things but not sure what yet…I do love a good brainstorm though, that and a can of Red Bull every now and then, for my poor brain.

    • Thanks Renard. This is the only award I like as I can return it to everybody and the majority of people will accept it when I say it is for them.

  4. rock star!! What a thoughtful and wonderful post.

    (I noticed that the other day–the trophy thing–and I was NOT going to approach it this way…hehe) I have to go pick up ma’ paper from the printers…back inna while…:)

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