Follow Friday: Reading Pleasure


This blog belongs to a young woman with a wonderful name. I suppose a “heavenly” name as it is Celestine.

The posts that Celestine introduces us to, are usually poetry in different forms. She will find something new and try it, and it comes out really well. She is also a Master of Haiku, she can make one out of anything. A Haiku is a form of poetry with just three lines with a set amount of syllables.

this is a haiku
two lines have five syllables
middle has seven

Books are a love for Celestine, and she will sometimes write a review for the books that she reads. Other things that Celestine takes part in, Carpe Diem which means (roughly) “Seize the day”.

As a final note, Celestine also writes serialisation in several newspapers in her country, and a radio serial drama. Celestine is a great all-rounder with a great heart.

How to get into contact:

WordPress ……………… Here


27 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Reading Pleasure

  1. Another fine blog you have reviewed here mate! You have great taste and it is wonderful to see such great writers as you have chronicled getting more coverage.

    • Thanks Terry. I like being able to share ones that I like. The problem is choosing which ones to share. There are so many good ones, and I can only choose one a week.

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