Blog of the Year 2013

I don’t actually do Awards now as I don’t have time to go through them, do the questions and then choose who I want the recipients to be.

The blog of the year award is different though. This is to say that your blog is worthy of a visit.

So, if I have been to your blog, and if you have been to my blog, you are worthy of the Blog of the Year award. Please, take icon that matches how many times you have been nominated from the originator’s blog which is The Thought Palette.

Please don’t ignore as your blog is definitely worthy of the blog of the year, and I will not choose between 700+ blogs that I follow, so I choose you all.


ย Thank you to Terry and Tazein.

34 thoughts on “Blog of the Year 2013

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  3. Cheers mateyboy! One of the reasons I don’t accept awards is just how hard it is to decide who to nominate, because I feel guilty leaving others out. Same reasoning behind mare very rare reblogs. What about those I don’t choose? And I can’t choose all of them.

    • That’s exactly it. We all have our favourite blogs, but trying not to show it by selecting it all the time. Plus there is the going through and answering questions.

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