A Photo A Day … October 05 2013

I was wondering what would catch my eye today when I went out. I needed to post a parcel, so as usual, I looked around on my way there to see what I would target on the way back. There were seagulls fighting over rubbish, but I never caught that on camera, only when they were working together. Pigeons watching me. People on scooters and skateboards doing stunts, but there were too many kids in there as well, so I didn’t take any photos. Little flowers of all colours. And then I saw it. The perfect subject. I changed lenses, realised I left my normal Macro filter at home, so used my backup filters.October 05 2013 This is the first of two posts with this subject in it. I have been asked to post as many of these as possible.


29 thoughts on “A Photo A Day … October 05 2013

    • Thank you Sylvia. I loved taking these photos, and sod the fact that people were looking at me. I didn’t care. It just looked like I was getting up close and personal with leaves and walls hehe

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