A Photo A Day … September 27 2013

I have been out with my sister today, and I went to a place called Kearsney Abbey. I have been there several times before, and usually manage a few decent shots while I am there. Today was no different. It has been difficult to choose a photo of the day. I had the choice between a flying swan (blurry so not really a choice), a swan (okay – same swan) almost crash landing – have you seen those things when they land? They are so funny haha. A swan flexing its wings. A coot chasing other coots “it’s my park … gerroffavit” <– say that out loud and you’ll understand it. A swan preening, birds all taking off at the same time. Something that I decided will be this week’s Photo Fiction Prompt. In the end I decided on this goose as it is cute.

September 27 2013


41 thoughts on “A Photo A Day … September 27 2013

  1. GREAT misdirection throughout that intro. By the time you finally said: goose, I was sure I had mistaken the bird all along. (thinking it a goose at first sight yesterday on fuhbeebs)

    It is the swan that became a goose fable!! a new version of ugly duckling..hehehe


    Swan–swan–goose!! 😉

    • That is a long way off. I would hate to be that far. Even though sometimes she would love to be that far from me haha.

      Do you talk often though?

      • Through Facebook which is not my favourite medium though she does read my blog so she knows what I’m up to. We email too but it’s not the same as being able to share together and to have a hug! My brothers are far away too! One in Munich and one in Atlanta! 🙂

    • Thank you. The geese were being fed by a little kid beside us. It was awesome. I had hoped that the swans would come over as well, but they didn’t

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