Līgo Haībun Challenge – A Rose By Any Other Name …

The Līgo Haībun Challenge is hosted each week by Call 2 Read, The Why About This and Ye Pirate. The challenge has a prompt of a photo, a word or a phrase of which there are two of each, and you choose one. The Līgo Haībun is a story or prose with a haiku style finish. If you would like to take part, take a look at the links above for the full details, or click on the Links button below to see other versions. This week, the prompt is a choice of two photos. One is from Ye Pirate, with the other from Nightlake at Call 2 Read. I have chosen to use the flower from Nightlake as mine this week.

© Nightlake

© Nightlake

A Rose By Any Other Name …

Everything changed when I made one slight alteration to my life. Before the change, I walked from point A to point B. I found going out to be exceedingly boring. The world … a place of hustle, bustle, muscle and rustle. Walking to meet someone, talking, shopping, and walking home with very little in between made it a very tedious journey. In front of me was the path, the road, the cars. To the sides of me were walls, cars, houses. The only things you see are what your eyes see.

One change … one … little … change; and the whole world changed. Walking from point A to point B was no longer boring. It also was no longer a straightforward route. It was also a lot slower.

To the sides there are houses, and at the front of those houses are gardens. In the front of those gardens are bushes. In the bushes is a completely new world. In front of you, there are paths, and on the paths, there are plants. In the plants there are life forms creating everything anew, breathing life to all living beings. Above, there are clouds, and in the clouds, there is beauty. There are colours within colours; there are shapes within shapes. Just making this one alteration has changed my life completely.

with a new camera
a rose becomes more beautiful
and life starts anew

A Photo A Day … September 20 2013

I took so many macro photos today that I was unsure which I was going to use. In the end, I decided on this rose. I love close up shots of flowers. I did have ones with water droplets on, but this is my favourite.

September 20 2013

Follow Friday: The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover is a group of florists who adore flowers. They give advice and love through flowers. They also give stories, videos, and some exquisite photos of flowers, all different types.

They feel that the life of flowers can influence our very lives as we live them. One of their best pages is “Heart Based Floristry

I would suggest going to have a look at their page and give them a follow.


The London Flower is all about you ‘Loving Flowers in a modern, creative practical way’. It’s all about feeling the difference that flowers make in peoples lives.

Because of that, we end up dealing with what people love the most. People, their business, their talents, their achievements, their families, themselves. We may be asked by a couple to create flowers for their daughters wedding to send out a clear message of pride and love, and then be asked to create reception flowers for a spa to create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Either way, we make a difference by listening closely and delivering.

This blog has been fun as we reflect on the fact that we often get to hear about sensitive  relationships and get asked about what they most  want to say through flowers.  We are very discrete as we consider that often love, either in terms of romance, admiration, appreciation, sympathy or some other expression of love comes up over and over again.

We also talk about the traditional flower giving times, like weddings, birthdays and so on and offer tips, suggestions and more.

That’s the  difference we make, bringing our listening ear, creativity and matching it to what our clients wants to say using  flowers.

Photo Fiction: Gate Crashers

On Alastair’s Photo Fiction, there is a weekly prompt of a photo for writing a piece of flash fiction, poetry, anything with a word count of around 100-200 words. If you would like to have a go, go over there to look at the rules, or click on the InLinkz icon below and read the stories that others have written.

My story is part of an ongoing saga involving an attempted conquest of the planet Vakaria by people from Earth. There are two factions of invaders – the “Earthers” are the ones trying to take the planet by force and enslave the three-legged, three-eyed, four-armed indigenous Vakarians, and then there are the “Humans” who feel that it is better to live in peace with the natives, and are willing to fight and die for them. You can read the complete story at the top of the page under FICTION/PHOTO FICTION: DANIEL’S STORY.

25 09 September 15th 2013


Gate Crashers

The gates collapsed, and the Earthers opened fire before the dust settled. A few of the Humans went down; others dropped to the floor and fired back. Several Vakarians ran in terror as fast as their three legs would carry them. Daniel dropped his rifle and threw himself against a wall as beams of light chewed chunks of the wall beside him. The human who had helped him to his feet lay on the floor, his eyes open but unseeing. A plaque that the humans had placed on the wall fell as if to give a final goodbye.

He picked up four of the small light guns, one in each hand and turned the corner, firing all of them at one time with all beams finding their targets in two Earthers, taking them both down.

Daniel heard a human yelling at him to shoot at the wall where the plaque had fallen. Firing all four shots in unison, a package exploded raining the wall down on the Earthers, crushing the ones below. Hiding back around the corner, Daniel looked at the plaque again. As the cannons spoke again, an idea formed that would either win them the war, or lose it completely.