Tell Me Why … I Don ‘t Like Mondays

Just because we don’t like Mondays, doesn’t mean that we have to do something drastic about it like taking time off work, not going into school, screaming at people. Focusing our inner psyche will help. Breathing in and out to relax … in through the nose … out through the mouth.

In the meantime, here are a few inspirational quotes to show you that Mondays aren’t as bad as you think.

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23 thoughts on “Tell Me Why … I Don ‘t Like Mondays

  1. Inspirational as ever and even brought a smile to my face. I’ve been frowning and fanning over how to improve my blog’s appearance all night and your post helped me relax quite a bit.

  2. For me, weekends mean adventures, lack of routine. Although I am usually stuck at home on weekends, there is always something different in Al’s illness to face. Once Monday gets here we know pretty much what to expect. What time to get up, go to bed, all too familiar.

  3. I bagged Monday as my day off this week so for once I am of good cheer and ignoring the inevitable Monday feeling that will creep in later on. Good words as always sir!

    • Thank you. I wondered your post was early today 🙂

      Having a Monday off always made me feel good. I felt better having a Monday off than a Friday off, as I didn’t feel the “Monday feeling” on a Tuesday. I went in sparky happy into a room of sour-pusses and tried to cheer them up. It was a losing battle, but even by Thursday I was still of good cheer. I miss work. I enjoyed my last job.

      • I was happy in my job for all of walking in the door and then the blood pressure went sky high and I was miffed to the max lol…still only three days until the weekend which is a nice thought already.

        • Yay. I got two days until one of my kids go back to school. I had been getting used to waking an hour or so later. Oh well. Two days after and it’s the weekend. Always strikes me as odd as to why they do that.

  4. We had a nice family visit with our elder at her retirement place yesterday. I’m wondering if the meds have changed? As she was the most lucid I have seen in months. Maybe she has changed her attitude? And will make the best of her situation. Though at nine decades one is not likely to change everything – even little changes can make the days brighter.

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