Thursday Inspiration

Some more inspiration to get you through to the weekend.

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30 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration

  1. Hey Alastair. I needed to read this today, thank you!
    I’m going to reblog. I’m blogging in bed wrapped up like a bug in a rug. LMAO… but still I love your country! 🙂 hugs Paula. Xxx

  2. I do hope things are looking brighter today. I just couldn’t stay away from Friday Fictioneers – so I wrote another piece.
    I await your piece…Take all the time you need though, make sure you have fun with it.

    • I am a lot better today, thank you. I don’t often have days like that, but they are black, they are jet black.

      I’ll probably be doing Raynard’s today, without the result of yesterday’s one. I know now I would have regretted that

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