Every silver lining has a cloud

This last week has been a good week. I am continuing in my happy mood (woohoo – happy is good – very good), my son has just come back from Wales, and my sister has a new house.

But as always, whenever something good comes along, there has to be something there that attempts to negate it. I had something attempt to bring me down, but the way I looked at it is that some people will always attempt to find a way to hurt me, it’s how much I let them. Yes, I won’t stop them stinging, but I can stop them hurting. So I suppose that doesn’t count as a cloud.

Yesterday, my sister started moving, and I helped. I knew this was going to cause me a great deal of pain, but it’s my sister. We shifted a couple of lorry loads yesterday, and decided to leave the washing machine until today as neither of us would have been able to manage it. I had a text off of my sister this morning. She had gone to check on the cats, and found one of them dead. Not injured at all. Over recent weeks though, this generally unfriendly cat has been jumping onto laps for fuss. I am a great believer that if an animal knows it only has limited time left, it will say good bye.

Then today having arrived back home from picking my son up after helping my sister again, sorted things out, and found that my daughter’s hamster had also died. No idea what happened, but I brought him from a pet shop and you never know if there is anything wrong with them.

26 thoughts on “Every silver lining has a cloud

  1. Love the title! Am very sorry for the losses…..I am very close to my animals and know how heartbreaking this can be. I am happy to hear you are happy!! 😀 You’re absolutely right…someone can only makes us feel bad if we let them! Hugs ~

    • Thank you Christina. My daughter had us all stand around as my son played some music on his phone and then she lit a couple of candles. It’s the second hamster she’s lost this year, so she was understandably upset because of that.

      Thank you

  2. I’m sorry about the hamster, I know how upsetting that is to a child. A life-lesson that needs to be learned, but there is never a good time to learn it. Hope she is doing ok.

  3. Sorry to hear about your sister’s cat and your daughter’s hampster!! Pets are very hard to say good-bye to.

    But glad to hear that everything else is going well and that you are happy. And you are right not to let anyone else try and bring you down!! Keep up the good spirits!! Makes me overjoyed to hear that.

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