Addictive Blog Award

I would like to thank Cristi at Simple.Interesting for nominating me for the Addictive Blog Award. I am very grateful for awards, it makes me feel I am doing something right with my blog.

This award is different in as much as you don’t list things about yourself, you say why you enjoy blogging and then nominate ten people. I’m glad about that as, after the posts of the last few days, I think I’m spent lol.

Why am I addicted to blogging?

I never used to be. I used to post a blog when ever I felt like it or remembered. I would go months without putting anything on. Then I started doing my Photo A Day on Facebook and uploading the pictures on here monthly. I had a bout of depression earlier this year (what? another one?)and shut down my Facebook. So I started putting the photos on here more often. Then the flood gates opened and people came to look at my site, my photos, they came to talk to me. So, I figured it would only be nice to talk back. I have met so many people on here now, that I don’t think I could give up blogging. It’s a way of life for me. It’s how I keep in contact with people as I can’t really talk to people outside of here unless they are behind the counter in a shop.

THAT’s why I enjoy blogging. Thank you all for reading my blog and subscribing to it.

Ten nominees are (in alphabetical order):


Anna Keiller

Bad Puppet Productions

Cee Neuner


Genie – Although there is no way to leave comments for Genie, I hope you find this.

Leigh Diprose


PhotoShopping – Another blog that I can’t leave comments on, so I hope you get this

Tom Kat

15 thoughts on “Addictive Blog Award

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    • As I was leaving the comment there, I noticed the time stamp. If I leave a comment on your blog, or your mum’s blog, it has your time. On mine, it has my time. Easy way of a time check 😀

      • I just noticed that like a day ago….funny I just noticed the little notifier about likes and comments on the top left of the wordpress bar like a week ago! I couldn’t figure out how people were able to know they received a comment so fast! :p

      • Thank you! 😀 it will be fun to connect there. I was sort of inundated with ‘associates’ after we lost Duane…95% are people I don’t really know. I tried to make a Reconstructing Christina fan page…but it’s linked to my main face book…so am trying to figure out how to make a facebook page seperate from the barrage of people I don’t really know — would rather have one with my awesome friends here (like you!). I think I know what to do, just have to do it. It’s on the VERY top of my to-do list…when I have it set up I will definitely add you first! Hugs sweet friend!!! 😀

        • Thank you Christina 🙂

          I found that when I created my “Photos of the Month” page, quite a few of the people who liked that then requested to be my friend on Facebook. Although I added them, I have restricted what they can see. Same as my mother and father are on there, and although they rarely use it, I don’t allow them to see a lot of what I put on. There are still some aspects of my life that I am not ready for them to see.

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