Ladies, Do You Want To Get Intimate?

Or rather: Intimacy: How To Get More Of It

Having previously read and reviewed the book by Jodi Ambrose: Sex: How To Get More Of It, I decided that I would also buy her other book – Intimacy: How To Get More Of It. Whereas the first book is aimed at men looking into the woman’s mind, then this book is aimed at women and looking into the men’s mind. I can happily say that she has hit the nail on the head several times with this book, and I found myself nodding, thinking “yup…yup..haha yup”.

This has been written in her usual, very funny, style of straightforward talking with no mincing of words. Some parts of the book are exceptionally funny – for example stating that sometimes a man’s mind is completely devoid of anything, hinting that if you looked inside, you would see Homer Simpson laying on the sofa dribbling.

There are twenty items in a list, and each item is expanded upon, with some being expanded on further. She has given some examples of her own experiences in the book, which shows that she is imparting first hand knowledge for women to act upon. When the list is looked at, some women will say: “I’m not doing that! I am not a f***ing saint”. However, like the title of this entry, things are explained more in detail which will have those same women saying “oh I see, yeah, I can do that”.

The book is finished with a hilarious take two on one of the points, which I still giggle at now, an hour or so after finishing the book.

To sum up, Jodi’s book can improve any type of relationship with just a few simple steps, and those steps cost nothing or barely nothing.

If you are a woman … BUY THIS BOOK!!!!
If you are a man ……..BUY THIS BOOK!!!! (for your woman – it will improve your relationship)

While you are at it, you may as well buy her other book too 😉

★★★★★ out of ☆☆☆☆☆

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4 thoughts on “Ladies, Do You Want To Get Intimate?

  1. I read this book, and not only is it informative, it is an absolute hoot to read!

    The author boldly states things no one else has ever said, things we need to be told—things that prior to this book, people have been “too polite” to say.

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