Do You Want Sex?

Or rather: Sex – How To Get More Of It.

This is a book written by author Jodi Ambrose on how to improve your relationship and how to get more sex. The book is written by a woman (obviously) and aimed at the man. It has a list of twenty items, and each one is expanded upon and explained. Each part on that list will cost less than £5 (with the exception of having a meal out or going to the cinema) and most cost nothing except a little of your time. By spending that time or a little money, could result in more sex with your partner whether that is oral or physical.

Most items on the list are common sense, and when reading it, a nod of the head and the thought “yeah I can see how that works” went through my mind. Other places, I am glad I wasn’t drinking as I would have more than likely spat my coffee out  with some of the comments. Like suddenly putting in “she’s a Lesbian” took me completely by surprise, and I really did laugh out loud.

Jodi uses some colourful language in her book, but it is used in a such a way that it is meant to be there. No other word would suffice – especially as it is a book that is effectively a road map to the bedroom and and squeaky beds.

On item four, Jodi puts a points list on how things you can do can lead to how well your bedroom antics will be. This can be from growing muscles on your right arm, to “I had reach, she had flexibility” (that last line was from Mass Effect 2 as part of a conversation from Garrus – I hold no rights to that) kind of statement.

This book is a must have. Go buy it.

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★★★★★ out of ☆☆☆☆☆

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