A Photo A Day … June 17 2012

As you know, today is Father’s Day. My kids, at the age of 14(nearly) and 16(just) still have a habit of calling me Daddy. So when I was given these as a Father’s Day card and present, I was stoked. I really was over the moon. Had a box of Celebrations too (chocolates)

I love my kids, Kester and Farrah 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Daddy

It’s Father’s Day today, so I thought I would say Happy Father’s Day to my dad. I know he won’t read this as he’s 72 and has no idea on how the internet works. Ah well, that’s old people for you 🙂

I know my dad and I have not always seen eye to eye, but what family does. He’s my dad, and I love him for that.

I remember, as a kid, running up Lynden Crescent in Folkestone (England) and him behind with his arm to his forehead saying “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” with my sister and I running up the hill, laughing.  Going for walks with him and the rest of the family every Sunday.

Then when he got ill, and we all thought he was going to die was devastating. He contracted a disease that affected the liver and the blood so he had to use his own knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate etc. One time, he opened a cupboard door and banged his head on it. A couple of seconds later, he put his hand to his head, pulled it away and said “ooh, blood”. You have never seen people shift so fast. It was like: We are there … “ooh, blo…” and we’re gone.

He’s 72 now, 73 in November, and I couldn’t ask for a better dad. I love you dad. Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Daddy