A Photo A Day … June 16 2012

I was at my sister’s today, and she noticed something itching on her arm. When she looked down, she saw this critter. You can see how tiny it is by the size of the skin on my sister’s arm. Unfortunately, the flash darkened half of the picture, and the photos I took without the flash didn’t come out too well. I still like this one though.


Another Facebook Post

I have decided that I AM going to reactivate my Facebook and my Twitter accounts, but I won’t be doing it for a week yet. I will be reactivating it next Saturday. I have a busy week this week, so I shall do it. If I reactivate it before that time, I know I am going to sit down and talk to old friends for the most part, and that would kind of put paid to everything I want to do.

Although my Twitter account is still open, I completely ignore it, and it is blocked so people can’t find it, they can’t read the posts if they knew the name as it is locked, and I get no emails from posts mentioning me.