A Photo A Day … June 02 2012

I am utterly gutted. I went to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in London today with my son as part of his 16th birthday, and I took loads of photos. However, being not that good at the moment, the majority have come out as out of focus. This is one of the few that came out alright. We did have a problem when we were there though. We had just finished our (very expensive) lunch when a very annoying voice started coming over all of the speakers: “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY”. Turned out to be a false alarm, thankfully. It was an extremely enjoyable day, although as we were on the third floor, the pain in back was excruciating, and I was having difficulty walking. I said that I wanted to try a few of the activities so I could sit down without letting on to him how much pain I was in. We went to the Science Museum afterwards, and at one point, he said to me that I needed to sit down as he could see I was hurting. Kids see things even if you try to hide them. I will, over the next couple of days put up the photos I can salvage (see if I can de-blur them in photoshop), and say what the day was really like. For now, here is “Dippy” the Diplodocus from the entrance.

Dippy the Diplodocus